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How to Get Started

At IBQMI®, we've made it easy for you to share your news and insights with our global audience.
Our streamlined news submission process ensures a hassle-free experience from start to finish.

1. Prepare Your
News Article:

Before you get started, make sure your news article is ready. Craft your message, ensure accuracy, and create content that resonates with our discerning readers. We value quality and accuracy in every article we publish.

2. Select a Package  and Make Your Payment:

Choose the plan that best suits your needs. Whether you prefer a one-time submission, the flexibility of our Basic Subscription Package, or the premium features of our Premium Subscription Package, we have an option for you.

To complete your submission, make a secure payment based on your chosen package. Rest assured that our payment process is safe, reliable, and designed to protect your financial information.

3. Submit Your
News for Review:

After your payment is confirmed, take the next step by submitting your article through our user-friendly portal.

Our team of experts will meticulously review your content to ensure it aligns with our high-quality standards.
Once approved, not only will your news be featured on our platform but also shared across our vibrant social media channels.

This extended reach through social media amplifies the visibility of your stories, connecting them with a wider audience in our ever-expanding community. 

One-Time Submission Package

One-Time Submission Package

Unlock the opportunity to share your news with a single, hassle-free payment. With our One-Time Submission Package, you can submit one news article and reach our discerning audience with your valuable content.
  • Single News Submission:
    Make your mark with a single news submission and let your story become an integral part of our diverse and ever-expanding news landscape.
  • Quality Review:
    Your submission will go through our content review process to ensure accuracy and quality.
  • Flexible Access:
    Perfect for those with occasional news to share, without committing to a subscription.
  • Experience Our Platform:
    Get a taste of our news publishing platform and explore the possibilities.

Advantage of this offer:
Unlock Your Voice with a Single Submission

Freedom with Every One-Time Payment

At IBQMI®, we believe in flexibility and freedom when it comes to sharing your news.
Our One-Time Submission Package offers just that—no ties, no commitments.

With a single payment of $100 USD, you gain the freedom to submit your news article hassle-free. There's no need to commit to a subscription; you pay as you go.

Whether you have a breaking story, a unique perspective, or a special announcement, this option allows you to share your voice without any long-term obligations.

It's perfect for those who cherish the freedom of sharing their news on their own terms. With IBQMI®, it's all about your content, your way.

Premium Subscription Package

Yearly Commitment

Elevate your news publishing experience with our Premium Subscription Package. Ideal for those who seek priority access and enhanced features, this subscription plan offers the ultimate publishing advantage.
  • Faster Review & Priority Publishing
    Your news articles receive expedited content review and priority placement on our platform, ensuring your stories reach our audience promptly.
  • Increased Submission Limit:
    Submit up to 15 news articles per month, providing you with ample space to share your valuable content.
  • Premium Features:
    Unlock a range of premium features, including advanced customization options to make your articles stand out.
  • Full Access:
    Enjoy unrestricted access to our news publishing platform and all it has to offer.

Advantage of this offer:
Take your news publishing to the next level

Unlock Substantial Savings with Our Annual Premium Subscription!

When you choose our Premium Subscription Package at $120 USD per month with an annual commitment, you're not just subscribing; you're investing in incredible savings.

Let's do the math:
A single post costs $100 USD. Now, imagine submitting just three news articles within a year. That's already $300 in individual post costs. But with our annual Premium Subscription, you not only receive priority placement, premium features, and the freedom to submit up to 15 articles per month, but you also enjoy remarkable savings of $1,440 USD in a year.

It's the smart choice for those who are passionate about sharing their stories consistently and economically. Make the most of your news publishing journey with our annual Premium Subscription and experience the power of your voice on a global stage.


Ready to get started?

Choose your package, submit your news, and let your voice be heard on IBQMI®.

Notification and Publication:
We understand that timely publication is crucial for news content. You'll be notified as soon as your article is reviewed and approved. Once published, your news will reach our global audience, making your voice heard on our trusted platform. We're dedicated to maximizing the impact of your news, and our comprehensive approach includes leveraging the power of social media to ensure your message resonates far and wide.


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